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Mercury Free

What is mercury free dentistry?

Mercury free dentistry consists of using alternative materials such as porcelain (cerec) and white composite fillings.  The cerec technique uses all porcelain restorations which are much stronger than the normal white composite materials and look completely natural.

For those suffering from symptoms that may be due to excess mercury we use a rubber screen to isolate the tooth from the mouth and copious amounts of water combined with high power suction to cut down the mercury vapour contained in the old metal fillings. The tooth is prepared by removing the old filling and scanning the tooth shape into the cerec software . A replacement for the missing part of tooth is then glued into it to produce a strong and beautifully repaired tooth.

Patients reporting mercury related symptoms can expect a progressive improvement after they have had their old filling removed . The process of mercury filling replacement may cause an increase in symptoms for a short period due to the vapour released from the tooth during the procedure.
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